Caring For London’s Wild Foxes

london wild foxes

Photo by Tim Doerfler on Unsplash

It’s quite common for humans to always look for exclusivity; every human wants to have something unique and one that will distinguish them from the rest.

Without getting whether this trend is right or wrong, this attitude flows even among pet owners and it’s not a surprise that many people are looking to keep foxes are pets.

Foxes are beautiful, sneaky and entertaining members of the canine family. While they’re captivating to have a fox as a pet, understand that foxes, unlike your regular pets such as dogs, or cats, have unique characteristics, traits that many people are ignorant when they adopt one.

While we don’t recommend adopting a fox as a pet, read on our guidelines, and tips on how to care for London’s Wild foxes. They are on the brink of being endangered and you and I have a duty to help conserve these clever animals.

Here we go;

Adopting a Fox

Taking away any wild animal from the wild-it’s natural habitat is an outrage.

There are, however, instances that are considered acceptable. For example, London’s graffiti removal contractors who often see the foxes while working overnight on the streets of London can attest to the fact that foxes are often run over by speeding drivers. And when this happened, the puppies are left without a mother to fend for them

Even so, it’s only wise that you take you’re the fox to a shelter or wildlife recovery centre, where the fox will be looked after as opposed to raising it at home.

Most of the people usually lack the knowledge and experience of adopting wild animals successfully, and this is mostly attributed to the fact that they need a specific diet, they require sophisticated training, special veterinary care and often require lots of money and information to keep them.

Understand that even when in captivity, these animals are always fearful and wary of human beings, and will in most cases try to hide and flee from human beings, and can even eat on some of your pets.

Domesticated Foxes

There has been so much development in domesticating the foxes, and this is after the breakthrough demonstrated by Dmitry K. Belyaev in the late 1950s.

Dmitry studies how wolves were tamed and later evolved into dogs. Using the same methodology, he was able to tame the foxes into domesticated pets. The foxes were selectively bred, and after numerous testing, he came up with the domesticated pets, which are considered human-friendly.

Even so, understand that their taming does not indicate that these fox species are fully adapted to living with human beings.

Fox Odor

A major caveat of having a fox as an et lies on the odour it produces. It’s one of the primary reasons why most people do not want to adopt these furry animals.

Along with Dmitry experimentation, he had tried to deodorize the foxes, but it all seems to be in vain.

Foxes Habitat

Beyond the foul smell, another reason that you might want to consider when taking care of these furry animals is that they’re incompatible with other pets, largely because of their prey drive.

Their prey drive is a natural behavioural instinct that cannot be changed. The predatory nature of these animals is quite durable.

For those raising these animals, they’ve plenty of horror tales to tell including the foxes killing a chicken, eating eggs, and killing other pets such as birds, small dogs and even cat.

Living With Foxes

Given the above reasons, it’s now easy to see why when adopting a fox; you need to have a large garden, approximately 250 square meters.

Beyond the large outdoor space, you’ll also need to conveniently fence it and this cannot guarantee that the fox will not try to escape.

Reiterating to what we mentioned above, you’ll also need to be quite tolerant as your garden will smell pretty awful from the stinking pets.

Again, foxes are territorial and will mark their territory using urine.

Why Adopt A Fox as A Pet

There are various reasons why you would want to take in a fox as a new member of your family.

For starters, taking a fox will save them from inevitable deaths.

Some animals know how cruel people are while still young. Where foxes are perceived as a threat of rabies, this should not be the reason for cruelty. It is always good to learn more about foxes, create wildlife habitual in the backyard and to respect these world animals.