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Our readers can contact us for direct enquiries on any number of pet health related issues or topics. Some of the ways that we can help out include:

  • Helping pet owners recognize symptoms of some of the more common pet infections and diseases
  • Helping pet owners come up with the right dietary regimens for their pets
  • Helping pet owners find the nearest veterinary practice in their locale
  • Helping you cope with the loss of a loved pet

We are recognize that some of our readers are practicing veterinary professionals or even long time pet owners. This being the case we encourage such individuals to post on our blog. If you feel you can add value by posting to our blog then here is how to go about it.

  1. Get registered on our site by simply providing your email address and then setting a password
  2. Create a blog by clicking on the appropriate icon on your account. You can then type directly on our online word editor or copy-paste the article from an external the native editor on your computer, laptop, and tablet any other device.
  3. Then simply post your completed blog post by clicking on the post tab on our editor. Your blog should then appear in our database and be available to other readers.

Contact us for more information: spottiedottieco(at)