Keeping Dogs Safe on Nighttime Walks

dog night walk

Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

 Walking a dog at night is cool but can be very challenging as visibility is diminished and finding your way through the dark and the busy city streets can be an issue. Staying safe on night time when walking dogs should be a top priority to all dog owners.

Always take safety precautions before going for such walks. Walking dogs doesn’t have to be unsafe; you can make it fun and safe by putting adequate safety measures in place.

They include;

  • Always use a leash-reflective leash;

A leash is mandatory when walking the dog. The owner is disadvantaged as dogs see much better in the night than you. At night it’s important to keep the dog close to you. Always leash up at night no matter the area. In the dark, with people and animals emerging, dogs can get scared and run off while the leash is off, and it can be very hard to find them. The leash also helps keep them from running into the road at night. A Leash increases the visibility of the dog in the dark.

  • Dress;

Always dress for the dark and the weather. Consider having reflective safety vests for both you and the dog. The dog leash should have reflective material on both sides, not just one. The owner should consider reflective and light-coloured clothes so they can stand out from background darkness. The materials of the vest will depend on weather conditions. It is important to stay warm and visible on the nighttime walk. The vests increase the visibility for cars, other humans, and dogs. When walking in high-traffic paths or the street, the vests reflect the car lights passing by.

  • Light up at night;

It is important to carry a flashlight or any other source of light at night. It is useful for both the dog and owner as it illuminates the path, helping avoid any form of obstacles. Sources of light like headlamp make you and the dog more visible, and others can see you more easily. The flashlight also helps when picking up the dog’s poop, which can be hard to see in the dark. Light up leashes and collars are also a great way to stay visible at night. For the dog, consider a clip-on collar light. It attaches easily to a collar and shines bright.

  • Walk-in familiar paths and be cautious;

Always stick to paths you know and avoid trying out new trails during nighttime. The path should have proper lights as this provides security. In lighted paths, one can identify any approaching criminals, potholes, broken glass, and wild animals. The pathway should be located in a safe and quiet neighbourhood.It prevents one from getting lost and protects against any dangers. It also lessens the chances of encountering any nighttime animals which may chase you. Exploring unfamiliar route can be fun, but one needs to be very cautious. Before going for night walks, it is important to inform family or a friend of the path taken and the time to be back in case of anything. Consider walking against traffic rather than along it to see oncoming vehicles and react in case of any incidence; restrict yourself to sidewalks on well-lit roads. Also, one should leave headphones at home. During night walks, it’s important not to be distracted as they require a high level of attention.

  • Carry phone;

For safety reasons, it is good to carry a phone when going for night walks. This can be a backup in case of an emergency. The phone should be kept in the pocket. Night walks are bonding time with the dog. The phone should be kept charged. It is crucial to have the number of an emergency veterinarian, taxi service, and non-emergency police. The phone may also has important features for improving the nighttime walk like; a navigational tool to map route in the dark, inbuilt flashlight which can be used as a backup light source and pet apps for fun.


Nighttime has a lot of risks that can endanger both you and the dog. Walking the dog at night should be fun and not scary.It’s an opportunity for physical activity and bonding. It is essential to be prepared when taking the dog on a stroll. Preparation is easy when one has information on the accessories required.

Have fun and stay safe as you take a walk with man’s best friend. Plus it is also a great way to workout, that night walk helps burn some substantial calories