Tips for a Clean & Healthy Carpet When Sharing with Cats

cat on carpet

Photo by Justin DoCanto on Unsplash

About 49% of the UK adult population owns a cat. With over 11 million domestic cats, we’re indeed a cat loving nation. However, cats have their downside and this is often in the form of shedding fur. Raising a cat can be a challenge, like keeping the house clean always. They create a mess at home as they leave behind fur and hair in all the wrong places. Having a cat adds more to the workload, but it is still possible to keep a clean house with cats.

These are some of the tips to follow on keeping the home area clean, and they are comfortable and take less time;

  • Regularly brush the cat;

Cats shed their fur, just like any other another pet. Hair is one of the biggest obstacles for cat owners. It settles in the carpet, curtains, furniture, and floor. It’s essential to brush the cat’s hair every day to control the deposits of fur around the home and also a good opportunity to interact with the cat. Hair captured on a brush means less hair to clean up from the floor or carpet. Brushing also helps to improve the condition of the kitten’s coat, and so it will have fewer hairballs or constipation as they did not ingest hairs while grooming themselves.

  • Use a no scratch spray;

Cats enjoy scratching carpets in the house. This is a natural behaviour that they exercise. Their claws being an important climbing tool should be kept sharpened. To prevent scratching of the carpet and to keep it new, carpet cleaning should be done regularly. Then apply a no scratch spray on the cat to stop the cat from scratching.

  • Get a good litter box

The odour of a poorly kept litter box is one of the indicators of a cat in the house. Emptying the box is not enough to remove the smell. A good way is to contain the litter to a designated space in the house. Space could be a bedroom closet, bathroom or in the garage. Avoid carpet as it can trap dirt or lay an old towel under the litter box. Place it on hard floors as they are much easier to clean. The litter box should be thoroughly cleaning every two weeks and also clean the floor after cleaning it.

  • Cleaning the floor.

To clean and disinfect the house, you should begin with the floor. Hard floors are easier to clean as compared to carpets. When dirt gets caught in weaves of carpets it makes carpet cleaning a hard task. It is still possible to have a cat and a carpeted floor. Vacuuming the floor a few times a week is vital to reduce dust and capture hair. Reacting to messes on time can help avoid nasty stains. It is vital to keep a pet vacuum handy to help clean them faster. Consider getting a good pet carpet cleaner. After vacuuming, get a good pet-friendly cleaning agent. Get natural cleaning agents because these cannot harm the cat. Wiping the baseboards regularly is essential as hair and dander can also accumulate there. Chose a vacuum that can suck dirt without scattering especially when vacuuming near the litter box. A handheld vacuum cleaner is a good investment to pick up garbage or food from upholstered furniture quickly.

  • Keep the counters clean

Cats can squeeze through anywhere. You will find them sleeping on counters and tables. It’s possible that their paws (after touching the litter box) will touch surfaces where food is prepared and eaten. This can lead to the spread of organisms which can be harmful to children and pregnant women. You should always wipe down and clean counters more often if you have a pet cat. This is essential as cats shed fur and leave them everywhere. If the surfaces are not cleaned properly, hair can get in food and cause allergies.

  • Deep clean

Routine deep carpet cleaning is important. How often to deep clean is dependent on the lifestyle and the carpet. Consider these criteria;

    • Light traffic; If a carpet needs vacuuming at least once a week deep carpet cleaning should be done every 12-18 months
    • Normal traffic; People with kids should vacuum traffic areas once to twice in a week and heaviest areas deep cleaning every 6-12 months.
    • Heavy traffic; Pet owners whether indoors or outdoors should vacuum 2-4 times a week and traffic areas deep cleaned every 3-6 months.
    • Extreme traffic; Large families and people with multiple pets should vacuum daily and deep carpet cleaning every 2-3 months.


Cats can be tricky to cope with but by following the tips above, you can keep the house clean while having a great life with the cat.